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The Life Story of U.S. Hemp

2000 to 2010

Nellis Air Force Base Federal Prison Camp 2000:

After 10 hard years of SWAT busts, beatings, and a long burial in the federal system, Sam finally got to go to camp. He was transferred from Wackenhut Private Prison in California to a Federal Prison Camp at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Nellis was a criminal superstar’s haven. Sam met the last of the savings and loan boys, the telemarketing stars, the tele-evangelists and the tell’em everything-you-knows. But he had a lot of old smuggler buddies that got to finish the last of their sentences in sunny Las Vegas.

Every prison yard Sam hit both guards and inmates had heard of him and that automatically put him at odds with the “break em” mentality. A reputation, good or bad, can get you killed in the joint and he was high profile whether he liked it or not.

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He was eventually sent to a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) to knock 18 months of his 8-year sentence. His federal prison transit history reads like the ransom of Red Chief. Every warden in the federal prison system had been warned about what Sam did to Big Mike (the warden) at Safford Federal Prison. Sam was not afraid to file charges even if it meant an ass kicking and getting thrown in the hole.

Sam remembered his lessons at Terminal Island Federal Prison 25 years earlier---integrity, honesty and good mental and physical condition is the key to survival in prison. Sam left a trail of paper behind him while he was in “diesel therapy”. The more they tried to break him the more efficient he became at surviving and the more the legend of Sam Hemp grew.

The Long Fought, Failed and Forgotten Drug War:

President Nixon declared this civil war on his own people in 1971 and nothing has done more to divide and destroy this nation. This failed war goes unmentioned by our presidential candidates that have promoted it to the bitter end. This long “drug war” now sponsors and funds the international terrorism, street gangs, violence, crime and political divisions that plague us. Illegal immigration, gangs, violence, addiction, racism, poverty and overcrowding are symptoms. The bigger picture is that these corporate drug warriors are seizing and swallowing up large tracks of land (internationally) in the name of this drug war. Millions of people are being displaced and systematically driven from their regions and herded into ghettos of economic and social despair. The illegal immigrants that are flooding our borders are fleeing these drug war zones. The lands their families once farmed are being fought over by corporate backed governments, and drug lords. End this un-winnable drug war and lift this dark cloud that has fallen on our nation and neighbors. Try to imagine a life and world without this drug war.

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