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Ulysses Samuel Hemp:

U.S. Hemp was born to a poor family in the hills of Tennessee and raised on a small tobacco farm north of Nashville. Sam arrived in January of 1950 shortly after World War II had ended and the age of Television was beginning.

Sam witnessed changes from oil lamps to electric lights, from outdoor toilets to indoor plumbing and from horse drawn wagons and plows to cars and tractors. He lived before the amazing technological advancements that are commonplace now. He witnessed the devastating effects of the prohibition laws and lived through racial segregation of public schools, transportation and even water fountains. He was caught up in a turbulence of war and social change that is unprecedented in human history.

Sam started singing in a child gospel quartet and playing the guitar when he was 6 years old. A lot of Sam’s perspective on life came from observing the crowd from the bandstand. His adventures into Central and South America and his time spent in federal prison allowed him to tell a version of the truth that is not heard today. His dedication to the pursuit of happiness and freedom took him down some very dark corridors and to some blindingly bright revelations. His perspectives are unique and provocative.

Sam’s life and adventures will be put down randomly as the memories come back through his music, photos and documents being reviewed. The readers drawn to Sam’s story will be allowed into this exclusive world through the recollections of the people that knew him best. Everyday of his life was an adventure that can’t help but capture your interest and heart. This story of a country boy with a knack for playing the guitar will promise a most interesting and unique voyage from the last century to the Americana of today.

The art, music and story behind U.S. Hemp’s adventures will take you on a journey that will fascinate, illuminate, infuriate but also compensate you for your effort.


Arlin Troutt

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